New Book Bundle (Rock Paper Cynic Book 2 & 3 Hardcover PRE-ORDER)



NOTE: This product is a pre-order and will ship out in June 2019.

Is It Canon? is a book featuring my best pop culture parody comics that ruin your favorite books, movies and games! It mixes strips from both Rock Paper Cynic and Is It Canon?, a webcomic that I make with my friend Aaron Lenk.

Be a Turtle (and Other Secrets to a Happy Life) is a book about going your own pace and marching to the beat of your own drum when the rest of the world is on a big dumb parade to nowhere. It’s full of cynical and sometimes sweet comics mixed in with badass life advice from turtles. Because turtles don’t worry about being judged or paying rent or getting promotions. They just do their thing.

Released in casewrap hardcover with endpapers.


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