Borken Telephone (digital-only mp3 download)



An album of funny, poignant songs for real-life situations: like when your robot falls in love with you or your game of broken telephone summons an ancient cosmic evil.

Borken Telephone is full of music about the history of miscommunication by way of geeky stuff like cryptography, video games, philosophy, and Dungeons & Dragons. Some songs are funny and clever, and others are poignant and sad. A few feature special guests like The Doubleclicks, Adam WarRock, Kraken Not Stirred and Kirby Krackle!

The album culminates in a massive broken telephone songwriting chain with an epic team of musicians. Working from one base track, each songwriter was asked to recreate the song of the previous artists after listening to it only once. The songs careen off-course is ridiculous, imaginative places in a massive collaboration between Professor Shyguy, The Doubleclicks, Kirby Krackle, Sarah Donner, Alter Ego, Nerds with Guitars, Kari Maaren, Zach Sherwin, Alpha Riff, Adam WarRock, Ask Lovecraft and Tico Souza, Debs & Errol, Jason Anarchy, MC Lars, and MC Frontalot.